Turning My Brown Thumb Green

If I rate my general gardening skills, I would rate it a 4 or a 5. Now if I rate my indoor gardening skills, then it would be a lowly 1. I don't have a lot of indoor plants, it just dies on me after a couple of months. The only indoor plant that survives in my house are those immersed in water. Could that be a clue as to why my plants are dying? Hmm.
So the plants shown here are my new guinea pigs, if you will. We got these from a club store. The one on the left is called a Yucca Cane while the one on the right is called a Money Tree. The Yucca Cane is rated 'tolerant' while the Money Tree is rated 'resilient'. We will see about that. The plants came with a tag and instructions on how to care for it. So I've been watering it once a week and placed it in the part of the house that gets the most sunlight. I still need to transfer the Yucca plant to a bigger pot. The Money Tree meanwhile, looks like it should be fine in the decorative pot it came with. So now I just wait and see. Cross your fingers and wish me luck!


  1. I've got tons of indoor plants as you know ;-) and the secret to keeping them alive is not to water them often, at least that's based from my experience. Once a week is good enough or check the dirt if its too dry then it needs to drink water. And make sure to nip the dried leaves off to grow new ones. I also feed them once a month with the all purpose fertilizer. So far my plants are still alive, LOL even if I sometimes forget to water them ;-)

  2. @Mira
    Hey, I knew I could count on you. LOL Maybe you can give me some cuttings, those with roots ha! ;o)

  3. i too have a horrible time with plants, even with ivies. i got those because someone told me they're very easy to take care of, and... well... i like the yucca and money tree.

  4. Mareng barb, gusto ko yong money tree mo. wink*


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