Color Labels for Your School Supplies

I have vivid memories of some of my school days starting from nursery until college. These are good memories of course, who would want to remember bad ones? I remember being excited every time the school year starts. I always have new things each year like uniforms, a pair of leather shoes, school supplies and a lunchbox. Do you remember those tin can lunch boxes with Charlie's Angels or Nancy Drew on it? Well, I used those when I was in grade school. I wished we had a Dymo label maker to use when I was in school. Since those kind of lunch boxes were popular, there were always three or four that are exactly the same. Can you imagine opening what you thought was your lunch box and find someone else's lunch? With a Dymo label maker, that would've eliminated that possibility. If I had it back then, I would use Color labels. White labels aren't fun enough, too generic in my opinion. It would've been nice to have labels on my notebooks. There were ten subjects so I had one notebook for each. The notebooks all have the same covers so I had to open it to find out what subject it is for. By using Dymo color labels, it would've been easier for me to pick up the right notebook to bring to class that day. Now that I am a mom, having a label maker makes organizing my kids' school supplies a breeze.

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