I Spy...

A mole! Hmm, I had a visitor with a lot of time on his/her hands. This visitor spent a long time in my blog, a loooong time. This person went through eighteen pages. Yeah, can you believe it? I wonder what they were looking for? They should've just emailed me and I would gladly help them find it. LOL For those who want to view my profile, sorry, I have it disabled. If you are curious as to who I am, just ask my friends. They will vouch for what kind of person I am. A beyotch I am not. And how is your day?


  1. Guess what? Same thing here...Someone is visiting our blog everyday, and I know that person...She goes to our blog direct...and I know who she is, because of the live feedjit, it shows where she is coming from... She keeps coming back, reading everything maybe, we have tons of pages in just one day because of her...I know she's very curious of what's going on with us, she keeps following us, that's why we give her a name, " our stalker "....

  2. Hmm, that is very interesting. At least you know who she is but she should identify herself. I haven't run into this problem. And hope I never do!

  3. walang hiya talaga magawag ang mga taong 'to...i hear na they print screen your stuff then send to izea. mga witches! hehehe.

  4. @Fil-Am
    She's just jealous of you two. LOL She probably wishes she has what you guys have.
    It goes to show that people are the same anywhere, even on the internet, isn't it? How sad. I hope you don' get these kind of visitors, it's disconcerting.
    I'm sure they're trying to find something to complain about. Too bad for them, I follow the rules. LOL

  5. perhaps they just love your blogs so much =)

  6. that's right they just love your layout.

  7. @Bombchell
    I hope that's the reason why. LOL
    charing! ha ha ha


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