Where are the Windmills?

When we went to the Netherlands this summer, I was hoping to see different kinds of windmills. I was surprised to learn that there aren't a lot of it around. What happened? Technology did. They are using electric pumps so there are no more use for the windmills. There are some still scattered around the country but the numbers are dwindling. I didn't want to leave the Netherlands without getting a photo with a windmill in the background. We went to this particular windmill on our last day on our way to the train station.


  1. if i were to travel to the netherlands also, windmills at wooden clogs rin ang una kong hahanapin. sana wag mauubos, makita ko man lang hahaha.

  2. sayang iba talaga 'yong original. ok na rin at least may nakita. LOL

  3. @Liza
    I'm sure may makikita ka pa pagpunta mo doon. They have windmills turned into a museum. :)
    Orig pa rin ito, ayaw ko ng knock-off. LOL

  4. that's a nice one. I haven't seen windmills anymore

  5. mareng barb, mabuti pa kayo nakarating na dyan.. kami kailan kaya? hehehe*


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