Those were the Days

I'm sure my blogger friends will agree with me that blogging a couple of years ago was much more enjoyable. We had time to pop into each others' blogs and read the content and comment on it. Now, it's more like a rat race, isn't it? Sometimes I do wonder if all of this is worth it. Yes, it's nice to have some extra cash but at what expense? How about you? Do you think all these is worth the hassle?


  1. Actually, after 4 years, I'm tired of blogging. And most blogs I visit are now peppered with paid posts. Now there's nothing wrong with that but sometimes, it takes away from the real content or real purpose of the blog.

  2. Thanks for the comment whoever you are. I am tired of feeling that I need to defend my blog and explain the reason why I blog. People need to mind their own business and start living their lives instead of making everyone's business their own.

  3. that is throught mareng barb, we have more fun reading the post of our friends and leaving nice comment and advice. I miss those days.


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