A Deal or a Steal?

However you call it, I'm a happy camper. I went to Target this morning to look for a Halloween costume for my son. He is into the Transformers and want to be Optimus Prime (for those not familiar with the names, it's the red and blue one.) While I was there, I did what most women would do, go around the store and look for good deals. And guess what? I found this dual-screen digital picture frame. This will be perfect to show off the more than a thousand photos I took on our summer vacation in Europe. The digital frames I saw before only have one side that is digital and the other is for print photos. This has two, adjacent 7-inch screens and only uses a single memory card. It is made by Digital D├ęcor (model DPF770.) The exciting part is, it's ON SALE! The regular price is $138.99 and marked down to $97.28. :) Oh, and I also found a scrapbook paperbook for my BFF Mira, it's on sale for $9.00. Don't you just love a good sale? I certainly do!

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  1. I do too! All "sale" that is on the market today, I just grab it, hehe!


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