She wants a Pet

Happiness is Pets. This could be my daughter's motto. She has been bugging us to let her have either a dog or a cat. She's only 10 years old and I don't feel that she is ready for such a responsibility. She just needs to wait two more years and by then, I am hoping that she will be responsible enough to care for whatever pet she gets. Studies have shown that dogs have a positive effect on hospital patients. These dogs comfort the patients and help them cope with their current situation. Having a pet definitely brings happiness to the owners' lives. To see more things about happiness, visit happinesspages.com


  1. Yep, having a pet really brings happiness. I have a dog right now and he's like a de-stressor, cheers me up every time. But what you said is true, one has to be responsible to care for the pet, think about caring for it in the next 8 or more years. :)

  2. Hi Monica, that's why we want her to wait until she's old enough to take care of the pet herself. If we get the pet now, I'll end up with that responsibility for sure.


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