Getting Ready For Hanna

Hanna is expected to hit the southcoast overnight. I hope it's not as strong as they expected it to be so there wouldn't be any damage to people's properties and loss of life. It's good that it is the weekend, I don't have to deal with driving through heavy rains to get the kids to school. Some drivers are crazy, speeding and tail-gating even if the roadways are wet. Obviously they're morons.


  1. I hope so too! It's a lousy weekend here, bad timing as we're expecting company. Hope your weekend is great bff!

  2. Stay safe and have a good weekend :-)

  3. mareng barb, sana di masyado malakas ang ulan. I'm glad naka pag grocery shopping na ako at bukas maglalaba nalang ako.

  4. @Dori and Imelda
    Thank you for your nice thoughts. :)

    How was the party? It wasn't really bad yesterday afternoon here, did it rain hard over there?

    Buti di masyadong malakas, di masyadong leaves sa lawn namin.


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