Hanna Lost Her Umph

I'm glad Hanna didn't pack a punch when it passed through our area last night. There were a lot of boat owners anxiously waiting by the harbor to see if their boats are in danger. I'm sure they and all homeowners are relieved. We got lucky unlike some people down south. There's another one coming towards Florida, hurricane Ike. I hope the people down south don't get pummeled by these storms, especially those in New Orleans. They've suffered enough. There aren't a lot of leaves on the lawn, just a few scattered here and there. I remember there was a storm which broke some tree branches around the property. I hope my soon-to-be-ripe tomatoes made it through since it will be my first harvest. Did any of you read the news that David Spade is soon to become a dad? They said that he fathered the unborn baby of a Playboy model. He asked for a DNA testing and it was confirmed. Well, good for him that he's taking responsibility unlike other men who just run away.

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