Getting ready for Winter

The other day, we went to purchase a wood burning stove. With the rising cost of heating these past few years, we decided that we need an alternative heat source other than what we currently have. We considered a pellet stove but the cost of the pellets is also high so we zeroed in on a wood burning stove. It will be installed at the end of October. They said that business skyrocketed these past few months and they have been very busy installing these equipments every week. This wood stove will go into the existing fireplace. We have to file a city permit for this to be installed in our house. Our next door neighbor have been using this kind of stove for 2 years now and they said that it saved them money on heating oil. For the fuel, we have a heavily wooded lot and there are many fallen trees on it. I hope that this will at least help lower our heating cost this winter.

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