He wants to be Optimus Prime for Halloween

"What will you be this halloween?" That's the question I ask my kids when the month of September starts. I am one of those people who obviously do not procrastinate. I like to shop for halloween costumes a month or so before the date. I don't want to rush around the county looking for a particular costume in halloween costume stores and pulling my hair trying to figure out an alternative costume. If you have kids, you know what I mean. My son who was Captain Jack last year wants to be a Transformer. Not just any Transformer mind you, he wants to be Optimus Prime. Uh, why couldn't he be a clown or maybe even Sponge Bob? Lucky me, there is the internet and www.halloweenadventure.com. This website has hundreds of costumes in their inventory. Any costume you may want, they have it. They even have coordinating costumes for couples. If you want to be Adam and Eve, they have the costumes complete with the fig leaf. They also sell Disney costumes for those little girls who wants to be a princess this halloween. If you are looking for halloween accessories like wigs, make-up and halloween party decorations, this website has it too! What else do you need for halloween? How about a costume for your dog, cat or maybe your hamster? Well, maybe not a hamster but they do have pet costumes available. Go to halloweenadventure.com for all your halloween costume and supply needs.

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  1. I hear you, Sis!

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