It Has Been a Long Day

TGIF! Daughter started her gymnastics class tonite and what is only an hour seemed like two. Son wanted to go home after five minutes so I had to answer all his questions as to why we cannot leave. He's good though, he is not like some kids who throws tantrums if they don't get what they want. We could've taken the early class but daughter's friend is on this time slot. Her mom, who is also my friend works till 5pm so the earlier class wouldn't work for them. Daughter and M signed up together and each will go only if the other is there. We'll see if they would want to continue gymnastics after two months. If they will, I'm certainly not looking forward to winter driving at night! I'm just glad that I have a 4WD!


  1. mareng barb, bring Amber DS so tyler can play while waiting.

  2. @Lanie
    Yeah, that's what I told my friend. Tyler has his own DS and I will bring that next time.


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