Looking for a New Web Hosting Company

I've been using Blogger for my blogs and while I am satisfied with it, I want to explore other options. I have seen a lot of blog using the Wordpress platform and was amazed by the options they have in designing and running their blogs. Of course if I ever decide to migrate to Wordpress then I need to find a new web hosting company. This part I am worried about since I do not know any good web hosting companies. Since I don't consider myself an expert in this area, I need a hosting site that has a good technical support and is available 24/7. Luckily, there is a website called webhostinggeeks.com and they have customer reviews of different companies. This is what I've been looking for. I'm able to read their experiences and find which one has the most number of satisfied customers. This site also has the web hosting company categorized into different groups: from Best Budget Hosting to Best Dedicated Hosting and everything in between. Another plus is they have a lot of articles to help you like SEO information to Web Design. If you are looking for a new web hosting company, the place to start is http://webhostinggeeks.com

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