Our Wonderful Stay in Swissotel Berlin

Credit: Digiscrap elements created by: ©2006 Samara L. Gugler

We were lucky, all of the hotels we stayed in during our vacation across Europe has met and/or exceeded all our expectations. One of the hotels which exceeded it was Swissotel in Berlin, Germany. From the moment we registered, we knew that this was no ordinary hotel. The person who assisted us with registration came up to our room and made sure everything was within our liking. The room was clean, spacious and impeccable. Housekeeping thought that our son was still a baby so they had a cot, bottle warmer with baby bottle, baby wipes, stuffed musical doll, baby slippers, baby towel, tub, water temperature checker, step stool, potty and even a rubber duck! That is one special service! The bathroom has a separate shower and bath tub, bath salts and even a weighing scale. The surprise doesn't end there. This hotel has espresso machines in every room (nothing like drinking an espresso to wake you up in the morning) and has a turn-down service each night. They come in and get the bed ready for the night, put Toblerones on each pillow and lay down foot towels and slippers on each side of the beds. The breakfast buffet is the best among the hotels we've stayed in. They have every kind of breakfast food you can think of, they even have smoked salmon! They have made-to-order pancakes, waffles and eggs. Coffee here comes in all forms, Espresso, Latte, Mocha, Cappucino and my favorite Cafe Macchiato. I could go on and on about the good things but I know you already got the picture. If you ever are planning a vacation in Berlin, Swissotel is the place to stay.


  1. Wow, that is a wonderful hotel and plus the rubber duck :) love that. anyway, how long did you stay in the hotel? i'm so jealous, i want to go to europe :(

  2. @MyReview
    We stayed for 4 nights at Swissotel and we still have not seen everything in Berlin. Europe is wonderful! :)


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