What's Happening this Week?

Well, I will be a single parent this week. Dh is out of town for some training so I have a full schedule. Usually, he drives the kids to and from school three times a week while I take care of the other two days. Tuesday and Thursday are usually my laundry day. Wednesday is now a busy day for me since I started my volunteer work at school. Friday is a long day since daughter's Gymnastics class is in the evening. I'm starting to use the TGIF phrase again. I haven't used this since I stopped working 9 years ago. Oh, I might have some friends over this Thursday, that is, if Mira and Josie have some time to come over for lunch. I am thinking of grilling a whole fish, yummy! I'll ask Lanie if she can come too. How about Carlota? Well, she lives too far. Maybe she can join us through webcam. LOL


  1. I was bloghopping and landed here...

    Mine is also out of town for 2 weeks. Which means I have to take my 6-year old to school every day. And I have to take the trash out twice a week:( I can just imagine how single moms do it every single day without help. Single moms are amazing.

  2. @Purplegirl
    Thanks for dropping by. :) I too am amazed at how single moms make it, bless their hearts.

  3. We're on bff! I'm planning to leave around 10am (fingers and toes crossed) and expect us at 11-ish. Wow grilled fish is good, Josie is planning to bring dried fish as well. And I will bring tomatoes, he he he he!!! with patis ha, LOL. See yah!

  4. Sounds like a full week... Have fun!

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  6. mareng barb, I will be there if I'm not working that day ok. thanks

  7. late man si ako. wink* meron pa bang left over? paki email naman please. hehehe


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