Why did you Dump Him?

I came across a magazine article last night while waiting for my daughter to finish her gymnastics class. It is titled "Why did you Dump Her?" The men's answer ranged from the simple "I'm not into her anymore." to the absurd "I don't like her new hairstyle." Of course, there are also serious answers like "She does not want to get married." and "She is jealous of all women." Which got me thinking, do we, as women have the same reason when we dump men? For me, I dumped one ex because I feel that he is not going to grow up. He loves his freedom and I felt that family responsibilities will be a burden to him. In short, he is not 'marriage material.' Another one I dumped because the distance between us is so great that I found it hard to keep the relationship going.
How about you? Why did you dump him?


  1. I dumped him when he became too controlling. He wanted to know what I was doing every minute of every hour. Very scary! Good post!

  2. One was a slob.

    One smoked so kissing was just unpleasant and I didn't see any future with a smoker.

    One was one dimensional, only had one topic of discussion.

  3. Definitely maturity levels. When someone is 10 years older than be but acts 20 years younger...we have a problem!

    Other times it was simply because we made better friends than anything else...and it's better to walk away while you can still salvage some form of relationship!

  4. @Marjorie
    That is creepy. Good thing you bailed out. Sadly, some women don't and they get trapped in an abusive relationship.
    I too, dated a smoker and kissing him was like kissing an ashtray. LOL My sinuses clogged up everytime I'm with him so I dumped him rather than feel sick all the time.
    It is also important to be on the same wavelength with him. It makes everything run smoothly.


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