My Frustration with Dropping ECs

Have you encountered this problem? You're dropping ECs from your Inbox and the blog you're dropping on does not have the widget? So you end up going back to the same blog again and again. Can I say Groundhog Day? At first I thought that the widget just did not load properly so I refresh the page, still nothing. This is frustrating. Dropping ECs is a lot of work and takes time, time that we all don't have enough of. Why do some people do this? It is pathetic. What problems are you having with dropping ECs?


  1. I've encountered this many times. I don't know why they dropped ECs at your page but then when it's your turn to drop one they have no widget! So it will take you more time to go back. darn.

  2. Same here! What I usually do is, if the page takes longer to load or if I don't find the widget right away, then I skip them and move on to the next. I don't have time for such. And I will remember not to click on the widget anymore so I won't get pissed again. I wonder why Entrecard even allow them to drop EC w/o proper widget installed in their blog or maybe there is a widget hiding somewhere in the pages and it's just a scheme they pull off so we have to come back to their sites over and over.

  3. i agree..my connections is slow much more when i upload more than 5 blogs and if i found out a blog which does not have widget i close it.:( i sometimes think of it, it's pathetic..dropping ec is really the hardest tasks:( but it is beneficial to have the patience:)

  4. I agree it is frustrating when I'm returning drops and can't find their EC, but I try to note the name of the blog and then unless their content interested me, I just skip it next time.

  5. i hear yeah...why bother sign up sa entrecard then they won't put the widget. grrrr

  6. Me too I encountered that kind of concern... I just ignored it.

    Try to remember the blog so that you won't bounce back on them... Hehehe

  7. LOL! groundhog day! i've seen that... i also dislike the autoplay music, since i load up a handful of ec sites at a time, each playing music competing! it's cacophonic!

  8. I just skip them unless they have very good content that interest me. I really don't have all the time in the world in finding the widgets!

  9. I've had the EC widget not load very often on so many different pages. Sure, most of the time if I go back and refresh it reappears, but like you said, it takes time, time I'd rather not have wasted waiting for the page to load *again* ... and I'm using Firefox too, which should work fine. grrrrr!! The totally missing drop boxes - I found one or two too... should we "report" this to the "EC authorities"?

  10. i'm just ignoring it, after all, it's still an EC credit to me when they do drop on my widget..

  11. @Lovely
    That's what my frustration is. They deliberately took it off so you go back again and again.
    I know what you mean, it is frustrating. There are sites where I had to scan the page two or three times just to find the EC widget.
    Give me some of your patience! I don't have much of it after using it all on my kids. LOL
    That's what I do too but sometimes they only have a generic photo for their image. Sneaky!
    KAsi gusto nila parati tayong click ng click kaya nila tinatanggal. It is frustrating!
    Oo nga, if not magkaka-wrinkles lang tayo. LOL
    @Ms O.D.
    I hate those auto-play music too! That's why my speakers are always muted. LOL
    Yeah, I should do that too.
    I need to remember their EC widget and blog name so I won't click on it. :)
    Thanks everyone!

  12. oh I have the same thought also..then it happens to make me end of dropping at it annoys e of dropping same ec...

  13. @Lynne
    I agree, if enough people complain to EC about it then hopefully they will do something about this.
    It is annoying and sometimes a page will make your browser hung up so you need to restart it.


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