Why is there a need to Nitpick?

Why can't some people just wish me well and be happy for me? Instead, they are nitpicking my blog, critiquing and over-analyzing things. I made it through the audit, lucky me. There's no need to bash my blog. I am not pretending to be a good writer. I don't use difficult words and compound sentences but I know that my writing isn't inundated with grammar and spelling mistakes. Blogging isn't my life and will not be. I love my current job which is a full-time mother. I'm proud to say I'm very good at being a mom.
To the person(s) who said that my blog should've been rejected, I have this to say "Deal with it!"


  1. ah those people. wink* tha's right ms. Babette they should just deal with it! hehehe

  2. My sympathy is with you BFF! I think this audit thingy has created a lot of intrigues among bloggers isn't it? I just didn't realize the extent of the effect until now. I just hope that the others who didn't make it to the cut will just let it rest and move on. Anyway, there are still a lot of companies to work for out there and ppp is just one of them. I myself haven't actually received my 'verdict' yet but if ever I did get an unfavorable verdict (knock on wood) I will of course get upset but bashing other people's blog will not do me any good, so I will just move on. Our fate is upon the Izea people doing the audit and there's nothing we can do differently.

  3. @Anonymous
    Oo nga, mga walang magawa sa buhay. LOL
    You're right about that. Innocent bloggers like me who is minding my own business get thrown under the bus. LOL It's a sad state of affairs isn't it? I play by the rules and I'm happy that I didn't get cut. I hope you and our friends will make it through.

  4. Mareng barb, I don't understand why people don't just move on and deal with it cause there's nothing that we can do if we don't passed.

  5. Hmmm naku Barbs masubukan nila ako, lintik lang ang walang ganti LOL
    Anyways, just ignore these morons... I better seal my lips hahah

  6. ako rin hindi pa nakatanggap. if ever 4 of my blogs get voted i won't mind at all. mag create sana ako ng ticket to take it down, pero i decided na to wait na lang.

    That's good nga pala your highblood bumaba na. walang magawa talaga.

  7. I am sorry to hear that people are giving you a hard time. I am happy that you passed the audit, you have a great blog!


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