49ers vs Patriots

My two teams are playing one another today. This is a rare occurence, they don't belong to the same football conference so they don't play each other often. Probably the last time they played was eight years ago. I'm first and foremost a San Francisco Forty-Niner fan. When I migrated here in the U.S. 19 years ago, I lived in the San Francisco Bay Area. There are two teams in that area, the 49ers and the Raiders and I gravitated towards the Niners. The guy I was dating back then rooted for the Raiders and I made the mistake of going with him to one of their games in Oakland, what a big mistake! But that's another story. Those were the days, the Niners won all the time and went on to win the Super Bowl many Times. My all-time favorite Quarterback Steve Steve YoungYoung is one of the greatest Quarterback in the NFL. I just love him and I still do! I still get giddy every time I see him on TV where he is now a football commentator. So how did I become a Patriots fan? Simple, I married a die-hard Pats fan. Dh has been a Patriots fan all his life and will be through thick or thin. I'm the same way with my 49ers, I still love them even when they were one of the worst teams in football. I hope that someday, they will win the Super Bowl again.


  1. Go Pats! Say hello to your DH from another Pats fan :o)
    I love Steve, too. They supposedly retired his number 8 at today's game...

  2. I'm starting to like footy kasi dito sa Oz yan ang main game nila unlike pinas I'm hooked sa PBA. Imagine pag may laro hirap bumiyahe dito kasi siksikan ang train.


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