Here's a US Shipping Address for Those Living Internationally

If you live outside North America, it must be frustrating sometimes when shopping online. Not all internet retailers ship outside the United States or North America. This is also true with most Ebay transactions. There is good news for international buyers, you can now buy from these stores and sellers and have ship it to the California warehouse of ShipITo.com. They will send you an email when they receive your package and after you choose your shipping option, they will ship the item to your international shipping address. The service is not expensive, they get big discounts using USPS Priority Mail, Express Mail and even FedEx. Ebay sellers or store owners can use this service too. Open your own account and enter online where you want the package to be delivered. You can also refer your customers to this website and through an affiliate program, you will get 10% commission from their fees..

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