Christmas Shopping Anyone?

I'm already looking for shopping deals online and in the Sunday paper inserts. I already have an idea on what to get the kids for Christmas. Believe me, my kids, especially my four-year old lets me know what toy he wants. As usual, my answer is always "Ok, we'll have to save money first." This Christmas, I will be spending the same amount for gifts. I don't spend much each year anyway, so there will not be any changes this year. Back to shopping, I already signed up for email alerts for online websites I frequent. You can always find the best buy this way. I have one email address that I use for such, this also cuts the SPAM I get in my personal email address. Last year, I bought the first Christmas gift in September. I know, it was early but I knew that come Holidays, the demand for the Nintendo Wii will be great. I was right, people were lining up and sometimes coming out empty handed because the stores cannot keep up with the demand. That is why I prefer to do my shopping early. I don't like the stress that comes with Holiday shopping. How about you? When do you start your Holiday shopping?


  1. I always have good intentions to start my shopping early, but I never do. It seems that I never start shopping until it snows and turns cold. Maybe it just seems more like christmas after the snow fall!

  2. Hi,

    Thanks for advertising pala.
    Haay Christmas shopping...I love doing that! hehehe.. Kids talaga ang haba ang Christmas wish list nila hehehe..
    I'm like you.. "ok" lang ang sagot.hehehe
    enjoy your online shopping :]


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