Going to the Dentist

Does anyone enjoy going to the dentist? I sure don't. I do not like the feeling when the Dental Assistant pokes and scrapes at my teeth. We have a term for it in Filipino 'nakaka-ngilo'. Good thing that we only have to do this twice a year. I have a very nice lady dentist. She has very light hands and very friendly. Still, I am not looking forward to dental appointments.


  1. Going to the dentist does bother me a little bit. It's uncomfortable having to open your mouth for a long period of time. I also don't like getting injections on my gums. It's really painful! Other than that, I don't have any other complains.

  2. I felt awkward too opening my mouth for long period and they spray to make your saliva dry which is very uncomfy. This coming 22 I have an appointment for extraction. Dina daw kaya root canal dun sa sira ng isang ipin ko huhuhu. Ayoko talaga mawalan ng isang malaking ipin..

  3. Hi,
    I like going to the dentist, however, I dislike the "ngilo" part. Kung pwede nga lang di masira ang ngipin natin I won't bother going to the dentist. hehehe

    TC :]

  4. @Mabel
    I agree, injections hurt! It is uncomfortable having our mouths open for a long time. I went to one dentist where he used a device that you bite on so you don't feel tired having your mouth open.
    Naku, good luck! Inom ka ng pain reliever pagkatapos para di mo ma-feel ang sakit.
    Ako rin, I don't like that part. That would be perfect ano, kung fake lahat ng teeth di na pupunta sa dentist. LOL

  5. Mareng barb, naku, sinabi mo pa. lol* last week i had my second appointment sa dentist ko.. marsoyep can you imagine almost an hour ako naka bunganga. lol* ewan ko kung anong gi-na grind nila sa ngipin ko at kailangan pa may anesthesia. kung pwede nga lang di ko na siputin ang 3rd appointment by next week:)

  6. I dislike going to the dentist too. Not only is it uncomfortable, it's also expensive : )

  7. Indeed, no one likes going to the dentist. Still, I met a dentist who was so nice and knew what was doing that I really felt I can go there anytime, with nothing to fear about.


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