Down Syndrome Awareness Month

I was dropping ECs last night when I came across a blog and read a post about October being Down Syndrome Awareness month (DSAM). This mom has a son who has Down Syndrome. Everyone knows about Breast Cancer Awareness Month (BCAM) but not everyone knows about the DSAM. We have a close family friend whose son has Down Syndrome. He went to a special needs school where he learned the skills to be independent. He is now an adult and works in the supermarket. This goes to show that they can be productive members of society even with their disability. My local supermarket also hired people with DS, they bag the groceries and sometimes even help elderly people load bags in their car. You can find out more about Down Syndrome HERE.


  1. Thanks so much for mentioning our month! I have a nearly 5 year old with DS and always get frustrated that his "month" gets overshadowed by all the pink out there. :hee:
    Thanks for recognizing our loved ones!

  2. @Christy
    Thanks to you! If I haven't read about it in your blog, I would be among the countless others who does not know about this.


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