Starting Anew

My mom arrived yesterday from her 2-month long vacation in the Philippines. She mentioned that her nephew's daughter traveled with her to Los Angeles. Apparently, this girl, who is deaf-mute came to California on a Fiancee Visa. She met her fiance on the internet and he also have the same disability as her. He visited her in the Philippines last year and they fell in love. Now, she is starting her life in this country. She is lucky because her fiance lives not too far from my mom's house. I think it is important to have some family support nearby. I also asked my mom about my brother and she replied that he is looking to get some discount furniture for his new flat in the province. I hope he will get the call from the U.S. Embassy soon. He is only waiting for his physical examination and after that he is good to go.

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  1. Yex, there is nothing like a happy ending come true. I mean, who gets that kind of chance nowadays? =]


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