Fall Clean Up

I'm doing Spring Fall cleaning. The holidays are coming which means the kids are going to get new toys from relatives and friends. If you have children, you know how toys accumulate over the years. We will keep some toys that the children cannot part with, the rest will be given away on Freecycle.org. We have a couple of Barbie cars and even an airplane. There are also used cds that the kids have not played for awhile. I've already given away Amber's and Tyler's small clothes. My dh's clothes meanwhile will be shipped to my brother in the Philippines. These clothes are in very good condition and are almost like brand new. Now you know what I am going to do this weekend. :)

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  1. You're gonna be one pretty busy Mama this weekend, Sis!

    My big project will start next week - repainting the kitchen. Yeah, we have tons of toys to get rid of around here, too.

    Btw, Sis, do you know if your friend was able to get the ban lifted? Thanks.



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