The UN-Real Housewives of...

...Orange County, New York City and now Atlanta. It all started with Real Housewives of Orange County. I started to watch this show because I thought it would show the 'real lives' of people in Orange county. My sister lives at Ladera Ranch which is in that county and just next door to where these housewives live. I soon realized it is not like the real world. It's not about a regular soccer mom just like my sis but about a bunch of women whose only worries is if they can make it to their next Botox appointment What do I expect from this kind of reality show, right? The next installment was the series in New York City. Same old stuff, but this time there was a housewife and her husband who are made to look like Social Climbers (in my opinion, I think they were).

Now comes the Real Housewives of Atlanta. Boy, I think this is going to be my favorite. From the first two episodes I've seen, it is going to be a real party. We have one housewife (term used loosely since she is divorced) who has a millionaire boyfriend, another one that lacks class, one that is an over-achiever, and others. This is going to be an interesting season. I am not going to make excuses. What can I say? It's one of my guilty pleasures.


  1. Have never watched these shows before, but I watched Desperate Housewives which is sometimes very funny. As for reality shows, prefer Amazing Race.

  2. Hi Foong, TAR is still my number one reality show. :) I've watched Desperate Housewives during it's 1st season but have not kept up with it. Thanks for the comment.


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