Family, Exciting News and Whatnot

Well, my dad is recovering very well from his accident which I posted a week or so ago. He had black eyes a couple of days after his accident. It looked like he was beaten up badly. Thank God he did not suffer any concussion. As a result of this, he is having second thoughts on living part of the year in the Philippines. The emergency service in my old country is not the best, it will probably take a long time to get to the hospital because of the traffic. Add to that, the ambulance itself comes from the hospital unlike here in the US where the local fire department has it's own ambulance. I was a bit disappointed since I knew that the dollar will go a long way in the Philippines plus they will have a maid to help my mom with the household chores.

For the exciting news, I learned that my niece will arrive here in the US at the start of the year. Her fiance lives in San Antonio, Texas and they will get married there. I'm already thinking of a Bridal Shower gift for her, maybe the book by Dr. Robin or a sexy lingerie? Hmm, I think I'll give her the book. LOL At least it will help her in the long run.

And for the what not, tonight is the Halloween Trick or Trunk at school. Good thing it's on a Monday, dh will be able to come with us. We already have the Halloween decorations ready. Last year, we only have a little bit of decorations plus the Jack o'Lantern and we were surprised at how elaborate other parents decorated their car trunks. So this year, we are ready. LOL Dh has a scary mask he plans to wear but I warned him that small kids might get scared. We also have a walking hand (think of the one from the Adams Family movie) which was a hit with the kids last year. The new item this year is a bowl with the moving hand. Have you seen those? It's pretty creepy since the hand is made of some soft rubber material. I hope I remember to bring my camera, it'll be loads of fun for sure.

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