Not Enough Time in a Day

How often do you update your blog? In a perfect blogging world, it would be nice to update daily, if not a couple of times a week. But my world does not revolve around my blogs. I'm a wife and a mom first. Oh, add these label to those, cook, chauffeur and all-around house help. I cook dinner the whole week, is it obvious I like to cook? It's much cheaper to cook from scratch, and healthier too.

I've been busy preparing for Halloween. I went shopping for chocolates for the school Trick or Trunk on Monday night, the kids at the school library on Wednesday and some for Halloween itself. I have not carved the pumpkins since I didn't want it to shrivel up. I'll carve the pumpkins tomorrow and I have not chosen a design yet. I like to torture myself so I choose an elaborate Jack o'Lantern design. LOL This year, dh will bring one of the pumpkins to work for their pumpkin design contest, that is extra pressure! So wish me luck and I hope dh will bring home the grand prize...a pumpkin pie? I have no idea.


  1. I will carve my first pumpkin tomorrow myself. I've been browsing online for design patterns. I'm not sure what to expect but I know the pumpkin is hard, big and heavy ;-). Anyway, goodluck to Tim's contest at work, hope he'll bring home the grand prize.

  2. Good luck with halloween. By the way I think home cooking is a great way to spend your time.. don't worry too much about the blog :)

  3. Good luck! We celebrate it here without pumpkin :) Trick or treat lang oks na kids ko :)

  4. I also feel 24 hours a day are never enough ;-) And sometimes I have time but don't feel like blogging at all :-)

    I have tagged you for a meme. However no obligation!

  5. I would like to update my blog daily too but found it impossible. So it's updating 3 times a week for me.

    I hope there's more than 24 hours in a day so I can have more time reading other people's blogs and dropping Entrecards. There's just simply not enough time for me to do so because like you, living my life is my No.1 priority, blogging comes in 2nd.

    This is also the reason why I can't join your EC Drop List (although I love to) because I can't promise I can return your every drop every single day : )


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