Good Bye to my Annuals and Whatever Else

I can feel it coming. It is only 6:00pm but the temperature already went down to 38.1 degrees(F). My goodness, there goes my annuals. The weatherman said we're going to have frost tonite, great! Maybe I should cover the planters with some kind of plastic sheets. I hope this cold snap does not last long. The kids will have their Halloween Trick or Trunk on Monday night in school. This is only the second year of this event. Since it is a Catholic school, the kids don't wear costumes to school. They used to do it before but they stopped it so they created this event. We participated last year and it was fun. The families who want to participate will decorate their car, suv or van trunks with Halloween decors and pass out candies to the kids. The kids assemble in the gym with their teachers while the parents wait in the parking lot. They will also have a Halloween dance on Wednesday but we might skip it. I'm glad Halloween falls on a Friday. The kids will have a good nite's rest and not wake up early to go to school. For the second year, we will be going to my good friend Mira's house and go Trick or Treat with her son Mikey and the daughter of our friend Josie. The kids had fun last year and am looking forward to next week. Just thinking about all the activities next week makes me tired! How are you celebrating Halloween?

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  1. 38 degrees! BRRR!
    We're taking our daughter over to her grandmother's neighborhood to trick or treat with her cousins.

    How about a game of tag? Tag You're It


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