If Cheryl Burke is Fat, Then I'm a Whale

When I heard what other people are saying about Cheryl Burke, I was flabbergasted. They said that Cheryl Burke is fat. What? These people clearly have a skewed view of the female body.

Why do they consider her fat? Ok, she said so herself that she gained some weight (I think she said 5 lbs. but I'm not sure). But look at her, she is not fat. She has the body of a healthy woman, curves and all. I remember when they said that Tyra Banks was fat, same with Jennifer Love Hewitt. No wonder a lot of girls and women are dealing with food disorders, they feel pressured to be thin like the runway models and actresses. I hope that this way of thinking will stop. I know it may be impossible but one can only hope.


  1. She put on weight and a little bit chubby compared from last year, but definitely not fat, probably voluptuous.

  2. yep she did but NOT fat. still cute and pretty.

  3. It's difficult to change people's views because they are comparing to those perfect models on beauty magazines. Blame it on the magazines!

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