My House Unplugged

I'm on a quest. I will be going around the house unplugging anything that does not get used often. Why am I doing this? To save $. I saw an episode of Oprah this week where one woman saved a lot of money from her electric bill just by unplugging appliances and other electrical things in her house. I've already set up all the desktops in the computer room to turn off after an hour of no use. I think I should also unplug the power strip from the outlet before going to bed. There are some things I cannot unplug of course, these are the electric stove, microwave, washer and dryer and the TV in the family room. If I unplug this TV, then it would be a pain to set up the whole thing along with the speaker system. I already unplugged the TVs in the bedroom since it's just a regular TV that requires no set-up. Hmm, what else can I unplug? We'll see if this thing really works. I hope it does.


  1. Hi Babette, Kumusta? I also watched that episode and after the show I did the same thing but just the easy ones. tingnan ko na lang the next bill kung bababa ang KWH usage namin.

  2. This is actually true that we can save money. I usually turn off the whole switch because most of the connection is just the connection in one that kenny set up. I don't turn off the tv thought because of the direct tv, but like andrew's games in his bedroom I turn off everything except his computer.

  3. @Dhoy
    I'm also hoping that our electric bill will go down. Let's compare notes. :)
    Mareng Lan, kailangan mo rin i-unplug from the wall outlet dahil may current pa rin kahit naka-off ang switch. You can also unplug the computer pag gabi.

  4. Hhmmmmm,this is a very good idea...I'll try this too...

    Back home in the Philippines,we always unplug everything,but here in the states, everything's plugged in,24/7. lol

    Keep us updated on this ok, let's see if it works...

  5. Saw an advert on tv about this..
    Baka ka it will really work.
    If does, then its a big help... you can save $$$$..

    have a great day!


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