Road to Foreclosure

I just learned that a friend and former co-worker has her house in foreclosure. That is sad. She's lived in that house for a long time. I remember going there for her children's birthday parties and holidays. She is just one of the countless homeowners facing foreclosure. It is depressing, isn't it? She doesn't live in a Mc Mansion, it is just a average-sized home in San Jose, California. They're not living beyond their means. This goes to show you that people from all walks of life are affected by this financial crisis. I heard in the news today that even Yahoo and Xerox is laying off employees. It is scary...


  1. This is sad new of you friend and former co worker affected this financial crisis. I also know a friend from online that they're losing their house as well. It is very depressing our economy. We hope we survived and still have a house. We just need to very careful of spending money now adays cause we don't know in the future ahead.

  2. Mama sorry to hear that news. C'est la vie! Life must continue in the time of crisis.

  3. Michigan has lots of foreclosures really sad cause one my friend is facing too.

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