Trade that Used Milli Vanilli CD for Something Useful

I did not live with my husband before we got married. We dated for two years and during that time, I lived with my sister. My husband and I both like listening to music so you can imagine we have a lot of CDs when we moved in together after our wedding. There are genres that he likes that I don't care for like heavy rock while he is not into acoustic guitar by Ottmar Liebert. But we both like alternative music and contemporary jazz and guess what? We have a lot of CDs that are duplicates, two Boney James' Seduction CD, two The Cure CDs, etc. You get the picture. We have not disposed of the duplicate CDs so it's just sitting with the rest of our collection, until now. AbundaTrade.com
I found this website where I can trade our used cds for other things. Isn't that great? Usually, some sites will just let you trade your CDs for other CDs. But what if you don't want a CD and you want something like an MP3? Well, if you are smart, you will go to AbundaTrade.com, register and send them a list of the titles you want to trade. They will let you know which ones to send in. You get to choose what you want in return, it could be an IPod, a digital camera, a GPS or other cool stuff. It is that simple. What's more, AbundaTrade.com also accepts trades of DVDs and books. It does not matter if the case is cracked or the cover is missing, you can still trade it. So this weekend, you'd better go through that CD and DVD collection. You never know, you might end up with a lot of extra cash for the holidays! Btw, just for the record. We do not have any Milli Vanilli CDs. :)

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