Oil Prices Went Down but My Son's Apple Pie is Still Expensive

Hooray! The price of fuel went down...way down. I cannot believe my eyes when I saw the sign at the gas station. A gallon of gas for less than $3.00! I think I blinked a couple of times to make sure I was awake. LOL So if oil prices went down, how come food prices are still high? They didn't even budge one penny. Mrs. Smith's Apple Pie (my son's favorite) is still expensive and smaller! So what gives? Do you think it will go back down or are we stuck with these high food prices?


  1. Yes, it's always like that. When fuel price goes up, they can't wait to increase the prices of their products, when fuel price comes down, they don't bother to reduce the prices.

  2. Same here in GA...A couple of weeks ago, sobra ang pila sa pagkuha ng gas...madalas pa nga "run out of gas" ung ibang gasoline stations, so alot of people here got panicked. Ayun, nagipon ng tambak tambak ng gas. Then suddenly, the fuel's price went down....Oh my...( sigh! ) And yes, still the same ang price ng ibang goods.


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