An Unknown Page Loads Instead of this Blog

Boy, was I in a panic ten minutes ago! When I went to this blog, it redirected to a page that was not mine. This is the screen shot of the unknown page that showed up. I checked Blogger and all my blogs are listed. The HTML showed my template so I was at a lost as to what caused this problem. I checked the page source and found this script:
SCRIPT LANGUAGE='Javascript' SRC='/babettesblog.com.js'>/SCRIPT
My daughter saw the photo of this unknown page and informed me that it is the same page that showed up when she went to a Pokemon website a month ago. Has anyone experienced this same thing? Help! What is going on?


  1. I experienced this Beth lot's of time. But I figured out that there's something wrong with what I typed on the browser that leads me to that page.

  2. Could you be a victim of a hacker?

    Btw, sorry could not drop on your widget today. Somehow, I could not log onto my Entrecard site.

  3. Oh! managed to log into Entrecard and drop on you : )

  4. I'm so sorry to hear about this news Mama. I hope you'll fix this asap...

    Ah come to think of it... if this is happenin' to Joy. It means sikat ang blog mo Mama. Kc ang mga sikat lng na blog ang hina-hack. Hehehe (joke lng para tumawa k nman)

  5. @Joy
    Nakakaloka talaga Joy, I thought I lost it forever! LOL

    That's what I thought! I was reading online and they said that hackers can use the scripts on a page to hack that page. I still need to do a lot of reading about this. Thanks for the EC drop! :)


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