Books at Google

I love Google. Everytime I need information about anything, I use Google. I use Google everyday. I also love to use Google Earth, have you tried it? It is awesome! I was able to pinpoint our house in the Philippines and see other places from a bird's eye view. Now they have Google Books. They have thousands of books that are available online, from reference books, novels and even books on futures trading. Google has a lot more to offer that I haven't tried using like Google Documents, Shopping and another new one, Google Scholar. How about you, have you Googled lately?


  1. I use the google toolbar and I google things on a daily basis. It is the best search engine out there.

  2. Hi Barb, thanks for the comment. Yes I've done talking to the teacher and the principal and yes they have a strict policy when it comes to bullying. However, once the kids are by themselves bullying happens. I can't just rely on the teacher and the principal I have to do my part as a parent and I'm glad that Antonio understands that not all kids are the same. I firmly believe that upbringing has a lot to do with it. Aren't we just lucky we have such good children? :-)

    Have a nice weekend and hope to see you guys one of these days.

    Best regards.


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