What was Your First Job?

I remember when I was in college, Mc Donalds just opened their first branch in the Philippines. I wanted to work part-time for MD but my parents shot down that idea. Their thinking was they can afford to pay for my schooling and they wanted me to concentrate on my studies. I was disappointed, of course. So I finished school and got my first job at Data General. I worked in quality control engineering. I stayed in that job for less than a year. I resigned and migrated here in the USA. What was my first job here? Believe it or not, I worked in a small children's clothing store in a mall in Alameda, CA. I worked there while at the same time applying for a 'real job'. I figured I might as well earn money while waiting. Did I regret it? Heck no, it's a decent way to earn $ and so what if I was a store clerk? You've got to start somewhere, right? I worked there for 4 months and then I got a job as an engineer for Eastman Kodak.
How about you, what was your first job?


  1. Hi Bette,
    You did a great job. Working your way up to success. My parents were like your parents, I wanted to work in Jollibee before but they disapproved, I should focus on my studies daw instead of working. Isa pa, they can afford to send me to school naman daw. Anyway, my first job was a pharmacist in a community pharmacy, I graduated as a pharmacist kasi. So I practiced my profession.

    Btw, thanks for the kind words for my mother. Take care :]

  2. i work at plastic factory for 6 months...this was after graduated my associate then came here.

    took drafting for 3 months and 3 weeks on CATIA 2D & 3D and work as a graphics illustrator (automotive)...2 jobs in my entire life. hmmm now we'll be closing & don't know what's for me out there. hopefully get an interview doing same thing graphics illustrator for military defense... Pray for me please. have fun treat or tricking...

  3. My first job was delivering coupons in a bag that hung on door knobs door-to-door.

    I really like your award display on your sidebar. If I can figure out how to do this, I'm going to resize mine to display them like this as well.


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