Hummingbirds, Cardinals and Birdfeeders

I live in a wooded area, there is a long driveway to our house from the main road. I see a lot of birds in our backyard and in our next door neighbors' since we don't have a fence between our houses. Among the birds, my favorites are the Hummingbirds and Cardinals. Our neighbor, whose hobby is carpentry, gave us a couple of birdhouses. My husband put these on the tree trunks in our backyard. On our deck, we have a couple of hummingbird feeders. I love seeing the Hummingbird hover on the feeders from my kitchen sink window. Sometimes, one Hummingbird will even sit on the ledge of the feeder to drink. Hummingbirds are also territorial. I saw one or two of them trying to scare off another Hummingbird from the feeder. They also like the Bleeding Heart flowering plant, which I have planted on the front of the house. I want to get one more Hummingbird feeder for the deck. I saw this feeder shown here on Birdfeeders.com. I like this design, it does not look like a typical feeder. What do you think? Isn't it pretty? It reminds me of a windchime, which I also love. Aside from the birdfeeders, I also have planters on the deck rails. I always plant some annuals that I know will attract Hummingbirds. Sometimes these Hummingbirds does not fly away even if it senses us opening the sliding door, I guess it's used to us going in and out of the house. The Hummingbirds are gone for the rest of the year and I will not see them until late Spring. So it's time for me to put away my feeders for the winter. If you have Hummingbirds in your area, I suggest getting a feeder for it. I'm sure you will enjoy these tiny birds like I do.

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