44th President of the United States

It's over :o) and it is time to heal a lot of wounds. I hope that all relationships that were strained will get mended. Life goes on. We have a new president and it is Barack Obama. It is now time to go forward. We Americans need to be proud. Our president is the first black person elected to the Oval office. How historic is that? Just consider that about 40 years ago, African Americans do not have the right to participate in elections and were treated as second class citizens. He is of mixed race, a Caucasian mother and an African father. Whether you like him or not, he's here to stay for at least four years. I hope that he stay true to his campaign promises and not be caught up with the agenda of special interest groups. Congratulations to President Barack Obama! Yay!


  1. Yes, congrats to Obama for being the first black President of USA. It's really history in the making. And USA should be proud it made the right choice. So now, the most powerful man in the world is a black? : )

  2. @Foong
    Actually he's half black (his father) and half white (his mother). :o) A perfect representation of the USA in my opinion. This country is composed of all race and colors. Thanks for the comment Foong. I am hopeful that he will reach across party lines and unite people.

  3. I really love how the media is only focusing on half of his heritage. I thought the race was about issues but after seeing all of the newscasters comments it seems most of the election actually focused on race and gender.

    All we can do now is wait for the wounds and egos to heal so the country can unite and move on towards something better.

    While I'm here I've tagged you for a meme on my site.

  4. Congratulatons Barack Obama!!! I'm extremely proud of America! and even though with the current economoic situation/crisis that gets inherited, I feel extremely hopeful too!


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