(Almost) Wordless Wednesday

Warning: If you are easily offended, please skip this post. :o)

Do you want to buy a pair of shorts?

I saw this sidewalk stall near Piazza Navona in Rome. They also sell
aprons with the same design. Very unusual, don't you think so? LOL


  1. Oh. I was sitting here wondering what was offensive about that picture, LOL.

    Not very much to brag about, is it? ;-)

  2. LOL @ Angelika. I had the picture posted on the main page and only after an hour or so passed that it dawned on me that some people might be offended by this photo. They could've made it bigger eh? LOL

  3. would be interesting see people buying it. hehehe.

  4. Yeah, what's so offensive about this picture? ;-) It probably just shows the reality that sidewalk vendors are anywhere in the world.

  5. Mama silent na lng ako dun sa offensive part. hehehe

    We'll see who buys it?

  6. @Carlotz
    I would've wanted to buy the apron if I didn't have small kids. LOL

    You missed it! LOL It's not the sidewalk vendor, it's what he is selling.

    Cover your eyes! Virgin pa yan. LOL

  7. Very funny but I like MY shorts better. :)

  8. Mareng barb, cguro maganda 'iyan pang regalo sa pasko. lol*


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