Gifts for New Parents

What is your favorite baby shower gift? Do you give the usual diaper organizer, baby bottle warmer or a box of diapers? I've attended a lot of baby showers and one thing I noticed was that almost all of the diaper bags given were designed to be used my the moms. That's why you'll see men holding flowery diaper bags that is pastel colored. Finally, there is a diaper bag called Diaper Dude shown here. Now this is what I'm talking about. This diaper bag is unisex, dad can tote this around and it looks like a regular messenger bag. It has ample pockets to have all the baby's stuff organized and it is just the right size. I found this diaper bag from the maternity website called DueMaternity.com. They also have your typical diaper bags and the new style diaper bags that looks like a big shopping bag. They have many choices for new parents gifts. Apart from the traditional gifts, they also have books, journals, DVDs, CDs, t-shirts with witty prints for dads and beauty sets for moms. The most unusual gift I think is this Eternal Maternal Belly Casting Kit. It comes with directions and all the materials needed to make a cast of the pregnant belly. Now, that would be THE gift.

Aside from these, they also have maternity clothes and accessories. They have a wide selection maternity clothes, ranging from casual to formal. The designs are not drab, frumpy. These are clothes that are of good quality and fashionable. DueMaternity.com has a FREE SHIPPING offer for the holidays. Use the Checkout Shipping Code: BLOG1

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