Second Life: Virtual Affair

I was reading a news story online when a byline caught my eye. I clicked on it and read the article about this online game called Second Life. This article discussed this UK documentary by Wonderland and centers on two virtual reality couples and their 'real lives'. I found the documentary on YouTube and let me tell you, it was heartbreaking to watch this husband talk about his wife's addiction to this game. The wife is a SAHM with four kids and she spends 14 hours online talking to this guy who lives in the UK. Her teenage son even commented that his mom will be much happier if he hadn't been born. OMG! I felt sorry for her family. I have the videos below. Let me know what you think.


  1. This is heartbreaking story and video mareng barb, but the husband should do something as well, not just let her stay for 14 hours in computer. I just can't believed this such thing second life game that in up in real life and I was glad the the guy from UK found the other women in real life and she come back to her husband and kids.

  2. mareng barb, i heard about it through mareng prescy before. she used to play with second life pod. lol*

  3. It's kind of funny that you write about Second Life. I was watching the news Friday and there is story about a UK couple who met inside the game and ended up getting married in real life and on the game on the same day.

    Later on the wife discovered that her husband had been having an affair inside the game and they are now going through a divorce. As if that wasn't strange enough she switched games and started playing World of Warcraft and is now dating someone she met in that game.

  4. sad...she got carried away.

    have you read those article also about the girlfriend i think went to jail because she hacked her boyfriend account and killed the character. i don't even know you can get into trouble with second life. i did played for awhile but never get hooked to it. got bored.

  5. Kenny and I saw the news last night about second life virtual affair between husband and other women they met into this second life game got into divorce.


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