Deck The Halls

I love the holidays! Christmas is a favorite time of year for a lot of people, including me. I love how the house is transformed into a festive place with the fresh tree and Christmas decorations. It usually takes me a couple of days to finish decorating the house. I don't go overboard though. Much of the decors are centered in one room while the other rooms in the house have a couple of decors to convey the season. So I present to you, my family's Christmas tree and other Christmas decorations. I'm also showing some of my favorite ornaments.

This Precious Moment's ornament is for my daughter's 1st Christmas in 1999.

This cute ornament is for my son's 1st Christmas in 2004

This cute Santa is from Carlota. She gave it
to me many years ago. :o)

I love collecting crystal ornaments. I like the way the light
shines through it which gives the tree an almost magical feel. This
is a Lenox ornament and is one in a set of five.

This is one of 12 Lenox porcelain snowflake ornaments. Just like a
real snowflake, each one is different. It has a hanging metal
plate in the middle which depicts one of the 12 Days of Christmas

Another one of my various spun glass ornament.

I bundled up these small frosted balls. I love the way it looks.

The Nativity Scene, baby Jesus is hidden some other place
in the house until Christmas Eve.

The stocking hangers are also picture frames. I put dh and my photos
when we were small kids along with my kids' photos in each corresponding hanger.

My simple stairway. I used to have many more
red Christmas balls but my son broke most of
it last year. LOL
My Christmas village. The little people are currently in my son's bedroom
where they are part of a pirate ship crew. LOL

I would love to see your Christmas decorations. Leave your link so I can visit your blog. :o)


  1. Barb, your Christmas tree is verrrryyyy beautiful!!! Love it, love it.


  2. How cute are those ornaments?! i love your christmas tree it's so festive. oh and thanks for dropping by my blog.

  3. oh my gosh- what a beautiful xmas tree, elegant. your ornaments are priceless! wink* i can't believe you still have the santa ornament. hehehe. the lenox snowflakes been looking for that. you know i still don't have my xmas up yet. after seeing yours i might started tonight.

    have a wonderful day.

  4. Mama ang ganda talaga... I watch na lang ako sa Christmas decor nyo. I'll move out by tom kaya medyo busy. Fabulous ornaments... i'm quite speechless hehehe

    have a great day!!!

  5. Wow! You pulled out all the stops on this tree! It is very amazing, something I would see in an expensive mall! Beautiful decorations and I like the white theme to it! :)

  6. Oh My Gosh!! That's my dream tree!!
    That's very elegant indeed. Loving it!
    Christmas tree is one of my favourites in this holiday season. Well done.

  7. Your Christmas deco is very nice! I like the ornaments and the Christmas village. And the stocking hangers are interesting! : )

  8. Your tree is sooooooo pretty, I like it!

    Paskong pasko na talaga!

    Happy Wednesday Babette!!

  9. Oh wow, your tree looks marvelous! We just decorated our tree a bit more yesterday too ;-)

    We are having a Meme for you if you'd like to participate :-)

  10. wowwww.. super ganda talaga! sarap mamasko sa bahay mo mareng barb:)

  11. Your tree is beautiful as well as all the decorations. I love when the house looks so Christmassy! I am very happy with my tree this year although it is not quite as fancy as yours. I wish you all the happiness this holiday season.

  12. Everything's really nice! I don't feel like posting mine na tuloy, lol.

  13. Wow, your tree is beautiful! We haven't been decorating yet, as in my country things like that are done the day before Christmas Eve or even on Christmas Eve (but we keep the Christmas stuff around longer, for me Christmas Eve is just the beginning :)). I think we're going to have some handmade decorations made of straw this year, I'll see.

  14. Lovely tree.

    Just wanted to let you know I enjoy your blog and have nominated you for the "Blog Love Award". You can pick up your award at:


  15. i love all your Christmas decorations. super nice and so bongga :)

    advance merry Christmas to you and your family.

  16. Babette, that is such a beautiful tree as well as the ornaments are so pretty. Thinking of you and hoping you have a wonderful weekend.


  17. Thank you everyone for your comments. :o) I apologize for not answering quickly, things had been hectic around here. I'm flattered that you all loved my Christmas tree. I collected these ornaments through the years and have been using it year after year. I wanted to have ornaments that I can pass down to my kids when they have their own family. I really appreciate all your comments. Thanks again. :o)

  18. hi barb! you have a lovely tree :D

    i have something for you

    hope you're having a great weekend.

  19. Wow! ang ganda ng christams tree mo Barb.I like the ornaments and the christmas village!Advance Merry christmas and Happy new year sa iyong family Barb.


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