A Rare Shopping Day with My Family

I prefer to go shopping by myself with the exception of a rare outing with my BFF Mira and mareng Lanie. (Hey ladies, we haven't gone out for a long time! LOL) Dh does not enjoy shopping and I find it hard to shop with my kids around. Today however, we went to the mall to get a few things. The Christmas Pageant at school is this Thursday and I need to get a pair of dress shoes for my son and a pair of slacks for my daughter. Of course, we ended up getting more than that plus the kids had a rare photo with Santa. We don't do it every year since my daughter was scared of him when she was little. Dh saw a pair of knit sweaters and a Boston Celtics cap so we got that. We went to the GAP and found a nice shirt for my son and pair of slacks for my daughter. We saw a nice puff jacket with a hood and since she's been asking me to buy her one for a long time, I decided to get it for her. We also got her a scarf and a pair of ballet flats. Imagine my surprise when she asked if she can get a pair of metallic ballet flats. OMG, I can tell that my daughter is now a 'tween'. She chooses her clothes and shoes and does not let me do it for her. I don't know if I felt happy or sad or maybe I felt both emotions. My first born will be in the double digits next month! How time flies...pretty soon she'll start asking me about fat burners and make-up.


  1. oo nga mareng barb di na tayo nakalabas mag window shopping ano, naabotan tuloy tayo ng bad economy lol, Nagdadalaga na talaga si amber ano, alam mo ba itong akin rin medyo nagbibinata na rin parang kailan lang pero baby ko pa rin siya dahil bata pa hehehe

  2. @Lanie
    I know, it's been a couple of years. I hope the economy goes up then we'll have to celebrate. :o) That's right mareng Lan, our kids are going to be teens soon, can you imagine that!

    Thanks for visiting back.


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