Ditching Land Line for Cellular

I heard it on the news that some people are getting rid of their regular phones in place of cell phones. I also know of friends that does not have a land line in their houses. Doing this saves them money since they only pay for one service. It makes sense, why pay another bill when you can use your cell phone in your house. Of course, this all depends on how good the signal is inside your house or else you'll sound like that guy on TV "Can you hear me now?" while moving from room to room to get a good signal. LOL If you don't have a good signal, you may want to consider purchasing some cell phone amplifiers. This will make your signal stronger when inside a house or a building. Right now, I cannot change my service yet since I signed up for one of those bundle services. I'll have to consider this once my contract agreement is over.


  1. Same here in my country (Malaysia). We have a land line monopoly here. Rental fee and call charges are high, so many people opt for mobile phones.

  2. @Khengsiong
    Malaysia is just like the Philippines. Up until some years ago, there was a monopoly on land lines. It is very hard to get a phone line installed in the house. People there are now using cell phones and they use a lot of texting. Here in my area, we have a choice of getting our phone service through the cable company and through the regular phone company. Both are expensive though. :o(
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