Get Me some Poise Pads

What are Poise pads? Well, it looks like a regular sanitary napkin and are used for incontinence. I am not suffering from it BUT I have been using it lately. Why? because sometimes, I cough so hard that a little bit comes out. That's what I get from having kids, they're worth it though. I've been having this terrible coughing fit for a week now. Two weeks ago, it started when I lost my voice and I had a cold. Can you imagine losing your voice as a mom? Terrible! LOL Then last week, my cough got worse and I'll have this long coughing fit. It has even gotten to a point where I'll have a restless night because of it. So finally, yesterday, I went to my health provider's urgent care unit. The doctor said that she can hear some wheezing in my lungs. They gave me this breathing machine to use for 5 minutes then they took some chest x-rays. Good news is I don't have Bronchitis or walking Pneumonia. She gave me antibiotics and a cough syrup with Codeine. Hopefully this will take care of my cough although my abs are getting quite a workout. :o)


  1. mabuti wala kang bronchitis mareng barb, di pa ba nawala ubo mo

  2. @Lanie
    Hindi nga kaya nagpa-doctor na ako. I thought it was only from my nasal drippings but lately it's gotten worse. I can feel that the meds are working, I don't cough as much now.


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