Things That are Not Cool to Receive

Have you received a gift that made you mutter to yourself "What were they thinking?" I know, it's the thought that counts but it makes you think that they don't care for you if they did not put much thought into your gift. I remember I heard a complaint that someone gave her a night splint for her Plantar Fasciitis. The only exception to this rule are children, no matter what my kids give me, even if it's just a piece of paper with my son's scrawly handwriting , it's still the BEST gift.

Here are some things I do not want to receive for Christmas:
1. Chia Pet - need I say more? LOL
2. Oven mittens or pot holders - I prefer Ove gloves
3. Anything that is from "As Seen On TV" commercials
4. Night Gown - I prefer PJs. My MIL gave me this horrendous (for me at least) green velvet night gown. I didn't care for it but I'm sure it was beautiful for her since it's her favorite color. I smiled and politely said "thanks mom!". LOL I shipped it to my mom in CA and she loves it.
5. Anything from the Dollar Store or Savers
6. Wall ornament - What if it clashes with my decor? I don't like to be pressured into hanging it.
7. Wall plates with faces of people - I received a commemorative plate with Princess Diana on it. I like her but I don't want it as a decoration.
8. Any clothing with Christmas decoration on it.

I'm sure I have some other things I can add to this. LOL How about you, what wouldn't you want to receive for Christmas?

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