Video Card, R.I.P.

What a bummer, my notebook's NVIDIA video card died yesterday. I have my Dell XPS M1210 for a year and a half now and it is a workhorse. These past few days, it has been acting weird. The screen freezes up and the error message is that is was caused by the failure of the video driver. The disadvantage of a notebook is that almost everything is built in to the motherboard. If one component fails, you have to replace the whole motherboard. I called Dell yesterday and asked for a quote. Wow, I can buy myself a new notebook! But I will have this one fixed since it'll cost 3x that amount if I get a notebook with the same features. Thank goodness for PPP and PayU2, I'm using the funds from blogging to pay for this repair. :o) To the EC droppers, I will try to reciprocate your drops. Right now, I am using my desktop but I don't have my EC bookmarks. :o(


  1. That's great you're buying a new laptop with your blogging money. How exciting!

  2. Hello Barb,kahit nga ako kahit kaunti lng yon nakukuha ko sa PPP at payu2 at least,nakakatulong talaga.Hope maging ok na ulit yang notebook mo.Oo may EC na ako noong isang araw palang,nagdropped din nga ako syo eh that day.

    About naman sa poireau,hindi ko alam ang english:( para syang malaking sibuyas na dahon.Simple sya na gawin pero masarap talaga.

  3. @Penny
    I'm not getting a new one Penny. I'll have my old laptop fixed since getting a new one with the same hardware and features will cost me 3x as much. Yes, I'm happy that I have extra money from blogging to pay for this. :o)
    Thanks Amor, a little bit helps for everything, right? I think Poireau is Leek in English. I'll have to check that out.


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