Wordless Wednesday - Venice, Before and After

June 2008

December 2008
Photo Credit: AP


  1. Thank you so much Babette for the wonderful comment about my new blog. They need more room, lol! Oh and for following them around, I need someone to help me keep an eye on them, lol!I hope you are having a great week honey, talk to you soon.


  2. @PCLicious
    Venice gets flooded around this time of the year but the water does not get very high like it did this year. It got up to 5 feet a couple of days ago. The island is sinking so when the tide is high, the water invades the island. Thanks for commenting. :o)
    You're welcome Jodi. :o)

  3. Wow I didn't realise how bad it was! Great photos

  4. Oh ok, Babette, thanks for clearing that up :) That is scary yet kind of cool how the scene looks with and without water :O

  5. Yikes is that how low the ground level is in Venice? OMG! Crazy!


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