Ways to Save $

Now that the economy is down, what are the ways you save money? We have pizza night once a month and now I make our own pizza since our local pizza place raised the minimum delivery order up to $25. I've shopped around for cheaper car insurance, we received a discount when we chose one through dh's company. They also gave us other discounts since we also signed up for our home insurance. We also received multiple car discounts, alarm and others. We installed a wood stove in our fireplace to save on the high cost of heating oil. I'm sure I'll find other ways to save around the house.


  1. ang mahal naman mareng barb, try the Red Baron ( Deep Dish) pizza masarap siya at may ibang ibang flavor. matagal na rin di kami di naka order ng pizza. parang 8 months na ata.

  2. I have gave you some linky love for being a top dropper thanks so much.

    Ask Ms Recipe

  3. @Lanie
    You should try making your pizza mareng Lan. Just buy the ready-made dough from Stop and Shop, it's in the refrigerated section near the Ricotta cheese. We prefer the taste of fresh pizza compared to frozen. Their pizza only costs $16 and there was no minimum order before but when the gas prices went up, that's when they put a minimum of $25.
    @Ms. Recipe
    Thanks for the link. :o)

  4. Economy is down and we should save money. Eat more home cooked meals. But I think I am not qualified to give advice cos I'm still going for buffets! LOL!

  5. Hello Barb,same here kung kaya ko gumawa,ako na ang magluto sa bahay kasi nakakatipid at mas marami pang ingredients ang mailalagay at sure ka pa kasi ikaw mismo ang gumawa dba :)magtipid talga ngayon.

  6. I don't like pizza that much mareng barb, we seldom eat pizza unless we have to. I bought the frozen one because it's only cost $3.35 for each box and only kenny and Andrew eat that once in a while.

  7. Tika nagtry pala si Kenny nyan pero di nila nagustuhan.

  8. @Foong
    Well, you always get discounts so that's good. LOL
    I also cook dinner everyday, it definitely is cheaper than eating out.
    We only have it once a month. I add flour and knead then let it rise some more so it will turn out good. If you just use it as it is it's ok but not as good,

  9. Making pizza at home is fun and easy and definitely less than $25 a meal.

  10. ah dagdagan pala ng flour para sumarap try ko nga ito paggusto ng pamilya ko ng pizza.


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